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At Optima we stand behind our products and we will do our best to provide you with prompt and knowledgeable support. No matter whether you are seeking help about one of our current products or if you want to talk to us about your unique application, please feel free to discuss your requirements with our support staff.

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Optima Training Seminars

Today's advances in technology and the rapid proliferation of new communication protocols translate into an urgent requirement for hands-on training. Education is an issue for all levels of staff. Companies large and small need to train and educate their personnel in order to remain competitive.

Only highly trained networking professionals will have the tools at their disposal to cope with the tremendous growth of the whole industry. Maintaining that expertise is as vital to the company as it is to the individual.

Global economies affect every aspect of the corporate life. The knowledge and skill of each networking expert will be tested daily by the demands of a dynamic communications marketplace.

But it remains a challenge even for experienced staff to consistently refresh and update their grasp and understanding of the latest technological innovations.

Optima uses instructor led training seminars to familiarize each participant with the Optima product line. Each educational session includes a comprehensive review of product features, deployment capabilities and management issues. A discussion of networking fundamentals, data transport theories and hands-on lab experiments complete the education offered by Optima

Group seminars are intentionally kept small and provide intensive training with an emphasis on hands-on job related learning. Courses are designed to give participants an immediate, clear and working knowledge of Optima's products. Classes are available at our facilities or can be held on-site. Please contact a technical representative to discuss your training needs.

Optima Support Services

We value our on-going relationship with our customers. Therefore we place a lot of emphasis on designing the best quality products and diligently track the performance record of all our offerings. Our level of service goes beyond mere satisfaction -- at Optima we strive to offer the kind of personal attention that will leave you feeling secure in the knowledge that qualified technical support is just a phone call or email away.

For technical assistance, use theĀ Optima HELPdesk and post any questions you might have at any time. You can also request a technical review of your application parameters to ensure your Optima products operate at maximum efficiency.

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