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Remote Commander Server
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Remote Commander Server


The Remote Commander Server System (RC Server) provides a suite of Microsoft® Windows® based services designed to secure and regulate access to Optima products. RC Server can be managed remotely, and offers a redundancy mode where data is replicated to a secondary backup server.

RC Server Device And User ManagementManage And Secure Access to Devices

Comprehensive user management and permission control allows enforcement of precise access control rules. Grant users access to specific ports only when required.

Data-Warehouse Log Files From Remote Sites

Configure the RC Server to collect and data-warehouse all Optima ecoLOGIC Application log files. This eliminates error prone manual procedures when collating log files from many remote sites. Once stored in the central database, users can turn logs into customizable reports. The RC Server analyzes the collected information, removing redundant entries on the fly.

RC Server ReportsTake The Hassle Out of Compiling Reports

The RC Server incorporates the Optima Quantum Report Generator. It performs sample point smoothing and aligns readings from different sites to aid comparison. These reports help visualize trends developing over time and highlight all the captured events.

Run Automatic Configuration Backups

RC Server simplifies the backup of device configurations and ecoLOGIC Application settings. Given a list of remote sites, the server collects the configuration settings based on a specified schedule. The user controls how many generations of these remain in the database and when to purge the oldest entries.

RC Server User ManagementCross-Check Your Administrators

The RC Server supports cross-checking to improve network security. This reduces inadvertent mistakes and helps prevent malicious actions by an administrator. Cross-checking is a method which requires approval of a second administrator for validation. Actions of a single administrator are pending until approved by another. Once approved, the pending changes turn into valid actions. If denied, the RC Server rolls back the attempted changes.

Log User Activities

Track user activities across a variety of Optima products using the RC Server User Session Logs and RC Client Logs. Track all actions by an individual during a specified time frame, no matter which Optima device was accessed. Or uncover all actions performed on a single unit, regardless of who carried out the task. Supports exporting the activities to a spreadsheet for further analysis or compilation.

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RC Server + Management Console

25 Node License


RC Server + Management Console

50 Node License


RC Server + Management Console

100 Node License


RC Server + Management Console

Unlimited Node License

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