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Optima NMS
Network Monitoring System

The Optima NMS is a centralized, server based network monitoring system which presents the current state of your entire network infrastructure in a clear and concise manner. The first and foremost goal when developing the Optima NMS was to provide an accessible and easy-to-use interface to monitor today’s complex networks. To that end, the Optima NMS utilizes the one standard application common to all modern computing platforms: the web browser.

Through its browser based UI, network managers are able to access and work with the Optima NMS from virtually anywhere! The Optima NMS is a combination of industry standard components and a custom built web application.

To provide a universally accessible user interface, the NMS relies on proven technologies such as the Apache web server, the MySQL database engine and the PHP high level scripting language. The actual alarm collection and processing is performed by optimized multi-threaded Windows system services to ensure fast response times and accurate reporting. The chosen architecture scales easily with the volume of data processing required and the hardware capabilities of the server computer the NMS runs on.

Feature Highlights

  • Monitors WAN connections, LAN links, SNMP enabled devices, servers and applications
  • Tracks availability and performance levels
  • Real-time display of network status/health
  • Supervise and manage networks remotely using a standard web browser
  • Supports SNMP v1 & v2c
Work Faster

Automatic event correlation and notification bundling reduces tedious and repetitive tasks to a minimum and allows your network supervisors to concentrate on the real problems.

Keep It Manageable

Manage your sites in hierarchical structures. Device profiles provide all pertinent information to identify the origin of alarm notifications, no matter what size of network you have to manage.


Supports remote multi-user access via a standard browser interface. Individual user profiles help the administrator delegate responsibilities and manage staff rotation and coverage changes.

Keep Up To Date

Track problems quickly with e-mail & SMS alerts. Severity filters cut down unnecessary clutter.


Automatically notifies the proper technicians based on responsibility areas and availability schedules.


Supports user defined custom filtering options to condense alert displays to reveal only relevant data.


Plan service updates and site maintenance tasks with the built in scheduler.

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