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At Optima we believe in a new concept: Integrated Networking. We combined the right local and wide area networks technologies into one, so you can reap the benefits from streamlined networks, simpler architectures and lower cost-of-ownership.

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T:LAN NetPro
16/32 Alarms,4 Ethernet,4 Serial Ports + 2 WAN (optional)

Product List - T:LAN NetPro

Optima's T:LAN NetPro e Series universal access units provide cost-effective, scalable, and highly reliable solutions for remote LAN access, RS-232 console port communications and alarms collection.

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Console Server/Serial Expansion Module

Product List - SPX

Add a 12 or 20 port console server to your Optima T:LAN. Provides easy terminal access to legacy devices. Modular design allows the system to grow with increasing site complexity.

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3G/4G Wireless Router Gateway

Product List - AERO

Optima's AERO securely extends the reach of your network to any spot with cellular coverage.

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Smaller Footprint. Greener Networks

Product List - eRIO

RIO + ecoLOGIC Script Engine. For a smarter, greener & more efficient world of environmental applications.

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RIO Modules
16-64 Digital, 8 Analog, 8/16 Relays, 4 Serial Ports

Product List - RIO

Optima’s RIO modules increase security, improve reliability and facilitate monitoring and control of your remote sites or legacy (non-IP enabled) equipment.

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Distributed SNMP Polling/Cloud Sync

Product List - benchmarq

Easily polls thousands of SNMP OIDs/devices, batch syncs with the Optima NMS and adds cloud based NAS (Network Attached Storage).

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Modular Series of MODBUS Sensors

Product List - enviroSensor

Small, flexible, smart. These sensors measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air flow, luminance, pulse counts, vibration and motion.

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Remote Commander Server
Manage Networks.Enforce Policies.Compile Reports.

Product List - RCS

The Remote Commander Server System (RC Server) provides a suite of Microsoft® Windows® based services designed to secure and regulate access to Optima products, facilitate centralized backups and generate hassle-free reports.

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Remote Commander Client
Remote Management and Maintenance

Product List - RC Client

Remote Commander Client facilitates rapid remote access and management of all field deployed Optima Telecom’s T:LAN and companion RIO products. Supervise and monitor your network devices from literally anywhere.

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Optima NMS
Network Monitoring System

Product List - Optima NMS

The Optima NMS is a centralized, server based event management and network monitoring system which presents the current state of your entire infrastructure in a clear and concise manner.

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Optima Accessories
Nuts And Bolts For Every Application

Header - Accessories

Find all the required accessories to complete your target application. We carry a whole line of security components, mounting hardware, cabling supplies and 3rd party devices for turn-key order fulfillment.

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Find what you are looking for. Fast. We have grouped our product offerings into several categories:

ACCESS Our Remote Terminal Units and Console Server Modules
MONITOR Our Alarm Surveillance and SNMP Polling products.
SENSE Our newest smart sensor modules.
MANAGE Our suite of management applications, to handle user/permission management, deployment control, day-to-day device operations and our web-based network management platform.
CUSTOMIZE All the nuts and bolts required to make your application a success.
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