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Turning Remote into Opportunity

Once, geographic location was paramount. It dictated the pace of progress, favoring already dense urban centers. Today, these rigid limits of coverage are fading fast. Universal connectivity, combined with ubiquitous broadband and increased affordability, is creating new opportunities.

Integrated digital networks are evolving fast, unlocking new segments and lucrative markets. Yet, only nimble companies deploying the most efficient network topologies will prosper.

Each industry must take advantage of the latest economies of scale to meet the demands of a growing customer base. Companies will need to seek out and develop new strategic revenue streams to succeed.

Networks started out from just a handful of government research labs. Ever accelerating, they have evolved into pervasive global structures. At first just linking universities, they are now common place. Networks reach into every office, factory, school, sports and entertainment venue. Not stopping there, consumers are driving the extension into the home, smart phones and cars.

Access - Now

All networks, large and small have seen an incredible growth in popularity. This lead to an explosion of the 'access-anytime, anywhere' phenomenon. It now penetrates every aspect of society, turning everyone into more informed citizens. At the same time this pervasiveness is also creating more educated, demanding consumers of the digital millennium.

Transforming the Fundamentals

Communication networks have become the true foundation, the lifeblood of every modern organization. They have a profound influence in the way we manage, communicate, play, learn and work. This transformation is still accelerating, leading us on a bold new path into the future. Traditional boundaries between isolated and autonomous architectures are blurring. Instead, a new paradigm of open, ever more interconnected global networks is emerging.

A strong Vision

At Optima we are pioneering the merger of network technologies, applications and architectures.

Our goal is to bring together the latest in data communication and telecom applications. We custom build leading-edge data transport and management products. And we do not stop until we have a a tailor-made solution for each of our customers.

It is our belief that by working together we can help, optimizing our product line to fit the most demanding application. Optima Telecom is about making the connection, expanding your reach and enhancing your scope.

Green At Heart

At Optima we have always been serious about environmental impact and energy consumption.

The Optima T:LAN consumes less then half of what a common compact fluorescent light bulb draws. And a lot less than other common networking/processing gear in use today. To illustrate how much energy Optima's T:LAN system helps operators save, look at the these savings:

In a medium sized network, 1,000 T:LANs on average save 53kWh in just 1 hour, 1,272kWh each day, or more than 464 MEGAWATT HOURS per year. This is how Optima's Integrated Networking concept immediately impacts the bottom line.

Sustainable Networks

Building sustainable networks using the latest in clean-technologies has long been our goal. We embedded all our products with green DNA. Right from our beginning more than a decade ago. Long before it became fashionable to flaunt energy consumption ratings at every opportunity. And we did not stop there. Reducing our environmental impact is an ongoing effort and we are proud of our record to date. Optima. Greener by design.

The Key To Success.

Optima, Incorporated is a privately held Canadian high-technology company. We are headquartered in Markham/Ontario, right in the center of Canada's electronics industry.

Optima designs, manufactures and sells integrated network equipment. We specialize in solutions that provide management access to remote facilities and networks.

Since our foundation in 1998 we have assembled a dynamic team of experts. Our system architects and professionals hail from many different fields. This allows us to offer well-rounded and unique technology solutions. Our strength is our team, delivering the expertise our customers demand.

At Optima we believe in one simple concept: Integrated Networking. Combining both local and wide area networks into one. Customers benefit from simplified networks, streamlined architectures, reduced cost-of-ownership, quick deployment and increased performance.

Our primary focus is on today's ISP, CLEC, broadband service providers and telecom carriers. By combining data and telecom applications, our product lines offer new degrees of flexibility. Feel free to talk to us about your unique requirements or demands. We know how to listen and how to offer expert advice. Rest assured that we always strive for complete and total customer satisfaction.

OPTIMA TELECOM = Integrated Networking.

Enabling a whole new world of rewarding opportunities.

Join the Optima Team 

We are driven by a passion to explore - never satisfied with the status quo. That is why we are looking for dynamic individuals with the same sense of commitment and dedication. Professionals seeking innovation and perfection as the rest of us.

Optima is a young and vibrant company. We design, develop and market a range of sophisticated telecom and data communication products. If you have the drive and value challenges and rewards more than big names and size, look no further. Come and join a young, energetic and successful team.

A strong background in networking, circuit design or embedded software development is essential. Hands-on experience in embedded or networking applications is a plus.

Although we currently do not have a complete list of available positions, you are welcome to submit your resume.

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